To our readers,

Welcome to The Daily Princetonian’s third annual senior survey! Our team has spent weeks diligently analyzing responses from over 500 seniors, seeking to tell the story of the Great Class of 2024 — a class whose first semester was spent either as a member of a different class, or otherwise likely in their childhood bedrooms.

During the pandemic, we surveyed the Class of 2024 in our first annual Frosh Survey, making direct comparisons between our Frosh and Senior surveys possible for the first time. We encourage you to investigate how the class has evolved.

As you browse through the over 220 charts and graphs, compiled from more than 80,000 data points, we ask that you take a moment to recognize the gravity of each visualization. Every bar, column, and pie chart represents the experiences and opinions of hundreds of graduating students, powerfully shaped by their time at Old Nassau.

Our survey was conducted from March 4 to April 2, 2024. ‘Prince’ Data editors emailed a Google Form to all members of the Class of 2024 — a total of 1,310 people — several times during the Spring semester. 539 students responded, comprising 41.1 percent of the class.

Every question on the survey was optional. On select sensitive inquiries, respondents could explicitly decline to answer. All replies were fully anonymous, and the ‘Prince’ prevented multiple submissions.

To protect respondents’ anonymity, only select members of our Data team accessed the raw numbers, and none made any effort to identify individuals. As the survey was conducted using Google accounts unaffiliated with the University, the University does not have access to any respondents’ data.

We hope that you find our work interesting, illuminating, and thought provoking. The data we have presented is meant to initiate reflection and dialogue across the Princeton community, while preserving the unique stories of this great class.


Myles Anderson ’26 and Alexa Wingate ’27
Survey Directors

Myles Anderson ’26

Alexa Wingate ’27

Head Data Editors

Andrew Bosworth ’26

Suthi Navaratnam-Tomayko ’26

Web Design and Development

Yusuf Abdelnur '27

Vasila Mirshamsova ’26

Julia Ying ’26

Data Analysis, Chart Design, and Survey Design

Andrew Bosworth ’26

Myles Anderson ’26


Kate Alvarez ’27

Andrew Bosworth ’26

Elaine Huang ’25

Samuel Kagan ’24

Suthi Navaratnam-Tomayko ’26

Olivia Sanchez ’26

Vincent Etheroton ’26

Miriam Waldvogel ’26

Alexa Wingate ’27

Grace Zhao ‘26


Luiza Chevres ’26


Louisa Gheorghita ’26