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Princeton Rewind: 1999 Surveyed
The Great Class of 1999 tells all about their upbringings, time on campus, and advice to current Princeton undergrads.
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To our readers,

Welcome to The Daily Princetonian’s first ever alumni survey. Our team has spent weeks diligently analyzing responses from over 400 alumni, seeking to tell the story of the Great Class of 1999.

As you browse through the over 150 charts and graphs, compiled from nearly 45,000 data points, we ask that you take a moment to recognize the gravity of each visualization. Every bar, column, and pie represents the experiences and opinions of hundreds of alumni, powerfully shaped by their time at Old Nassau.

Many of the statistics within this project represent information to which the wider University community has never been privy. In some sense, these pages illustrate the most comprehensive portrait ever assembled for a Princeton alumni class. This project illustrates a class admitted at a time Princeton was just beginning its transformation to the diverse classes of today.

Our survey was conducted from February 5 to March 18, 2024. The Class of 1999 officers emailed a Google Form to all members of the Class of 1999 — a total of 1,172 people. We received a 34.2 response rate, 401 alumni respondents in total.

Every question on the survey was optional. On select sensitive inquiries, respondents could explicitly decline to answer. All replies were fully anonymous, and a feature from Google enabled the ‘Prince’ to prevent multiple submissions.

To protect respondents’ anonymity, only select members of our Data team accessed the raw numbers, and none made any effort to identify individuals. As we conducted the survey using Google accounts not affiliated with the University, the University does not have access to any respondents’ data. We did not make any attempt to alter the weight of various demographic cohorts to more accurately match the complete Class of 1999.

Special thanks to 2022 Senior Survey Director Caroline di Vittorio ’22 for her work on the inaugural survey and developing programs to streamline chart and web generation.

Thank you for taking the time to read, consider, and interrogate our work. The 1999 Alumni Survey is meant to serve as a collaborative reflection, initiating dialogue for the greater Princeton community while preserving the stories of this consummately unique class. We also hope that it is, and continues to be, a whole lot of fun.


Andrew Bosworth ’26 and Elaine Huang ’25


Survey Directors
Andrew Bosworth ’26
Elaine Huang ’25

Web Development
Yacoub Kahkajian ’26
Julia Hines ’25
Patrick Chen ’27
Lucy Wang ’27

Andrew Bosworth ’26
Elaine Huang ’25
Samuel Kagan ’24
Suthi Navaratnam-Tomayko ’26
Charlie Roth ’25
Olivia Sanchez ’26
Miriam Waldvogel ’26
Alexa Wingate ’27

Valerie Neske ’25
Katie Choi ’27
Yacoub Kahkajian ’26