As I peruse the archives of The Daily Princetonian, one thing that strikes me is that the different constituency groups at Princeton: faculty, undergraduates, graduate students, administrators, alumni, and parents, used to engage in a common discussion, even when coming from different perspectives. Idealizing the past is a dangerous endeavor, but there was a time when faculty members debated students in the pages of the ‘Prince.’

Those days are gone. Every group has their own issues and their own spaces to debate. And most importantly, every group has their own leaders — leaders who are unrecognizable to others on campus. Decisions that affect us are being made by people whose names we've never heard.

The truth is that at the highest levels, our leaders work together. Any decision made is the result of a delicate dance between students and alumni, faculty and staff. Yet their collaboration only further goes to show that we cannot ignore the key figures in other spheres of campus.

In this project, the staff of the ‘Prince’ trace power on campus through histories, data analyses, detailed profiles, and deeply-held opinions. It's an issue about personalities. These are personalities we have to be aware of, no matter what their role is.

Rohit Narayanan

September 30, 2023

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