Valentine's Prospects

It’s that time of year again — when florists are bombarded with last-minute orders, heart decorations appear at every corner, and everyone and their dog seems to have a date. For many, Valentine’s Day is an eager celebration. It’s a mark on the calendar, a reminder of how you have been loved for yet another revolution around the sun. For others, it’s a day of aching — a day spent longing for what could have been if only life worked out the way you wanted.

For The Prospect, Valentine’s Day is like any other day. Don’t be mistaken — this is not because it’s a mundane day. Rather, it’s quite the opposite. As you’ll come to see in this issue, Valentine’s Day at The Prospect is full of longing, skepticism, grief, anger, and joy. Valentine’s Day is when our writers lament over what went wrong, celebrate with classic rom-coms, and anticipate a life of love for themselves.

Valentine’s Day at The Prospect is loaded with emotion — and that’s what makes it such a normal day for us. At The Prospect, our writers capture a range of feelings in their pieces, and this project is just a glimpse into their everyday lives. So, whether you’re single, taken, battling a six-year situationship, or still mourning that breakup from a year ago, The Prospect invites you to join us on our emotional roller coaster. We hope you enjoy.

Kerrie Liang and Claire Shin
Head Prospect Editors

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