Meet the Graduating Class of 2022

Welcome to The Daily Princetonian’s inaugural survey of the senior class. The data within these pages — compiled and verified through months of planning, analysis, and outreach — tell the story of the Great Class of 2022, the last graduating cohort to experience a full academic year prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our far-reaching project seeks to better understand the diverse intricacies of the University’s soon-to-be alumni. Though Nassau Hall publicly reports some demographic and academic information, other data — such as respondents’ experiences with sex and alcohol — are difficult, if not impossible, to find.

We invite you to browse our findings with a discerning eye. By reading our narratives on Demographics, College Life, Academics, After Princeton, and Views, you’ll embark on a guided tour through the survey’s most relevant findings. Additional interactive charts and graphs reveal greater detail, slicing the data in some 200 unique ways.

This information, synthesized from over 60,000 individual data points, reveals a portrait of our community: a tale that explores the multitudes of our University, and the students who define it.

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