Despite a pandemic, Princeton Birding Society spreads its wings

Members of the Princeton Birding Society have been meeting for small, informal bird walks in nearby nature reserves. “It’s kind of like hide-and-seek,” Claire Wayner ’22 said, “but with amazing, colorful feathered things that move.”


Natural beauty on Princeton's campus

Blooming flowers, leafing trees, and the occasional critter scampering around: follow along with our photographers as they show you the beauty in Princeton’s own backyard.


Sustainability initiatives and the Princeton landscape

To achieve climate neutrality by 2046, Princeton plans to implement geothermal exchange systems in the construction of new residential and athletic facilities.


Three poems to read on Earth Day

Poets frequently pay homage to nature — whether it be to the single sprouting cherry blossom or the blade of grass that bends toward the sun. Words, much like nature, glisten with the beauty and surprise of life.



Blue-green algae in the Finger Lakes: A problem the ‘Orange Bubble’ should care about

Hannah Reynolds shares how climate change is impacting her community, and notes Princeton’s negligence and complacency in the climate crisis.


This Earth Day, lend your voice to the animals

Kelsey Ji urges Princeton students to “dedicate this Earth Day to the animals who have always had it much harder than humans, especially in this past year.”


Green Giants

Our Earth-Day-themed puzzle from Bryan Boyd is best completed outdoors.


‘Eyes on Eisgruber’: Art exhibition draws attention to activists’ demands

“We want to remind the administration that even though many of us are studying remotely, graduated, or off-campus, we are still holding them accountable,” said Anna Hiltner ’23, co-coordinator of Divest Princeton.


Daybreak: Divest Princeton Series Trailer

Listen to the trailer for Daybreak's upcoming episode series about the history of the Divest Princeton movement and the divestment debate on campus today

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