Who’s represented in our community
and our coverage?

On Sept. 30, 2021, the inaugural Diversity Report of The Daily Princetonian was published — the report served as a reflection of one of many first steps of dedication to diversity and inclusion at the ‘Prince.’ Not only did we learn about the many backgrounds that comprise the ‘Prince’ community, but the report allowed us to analyze how this impacted our news coverage and journalistic practices as a whole.

We received a lot of valuable feedback from the inaugural report and prioritized implementing changes both within our coverage and within the organization at large. Some highlights of the 146th Managing Board include special issues centering on queerness, scientific research, and Black voices, all released with the hope of bringing coverage of these historically underrepresented communities to the forefront of our paper. We also created identity-specific affinity spaces for marginalized staffers and laid the groundwork for increasing community engagement with various leaders on campus.

But there is still work to be done. Coverage of marginalized identities should not be limited to special issues; it should be consistent and comprehensive. Moreover, even beyond their affinity spaces, staff of marginalized identities should feel comfortable and empowered to contribute to and enact change within the organization.

This second annual diversity report includes responses from 244 members across the ‘Prince.’ In visualizing the data, it serves not only as a snapshot of the ‘Prince’ as a whole, but also as an accountability tool to track the progress we made since the first report was published. This report is a reflection of our successes and failures, and most importantly, demonstrates our commitment to improvement and growth. As we continue to grow and report with integrity, transparency and intentionality have become fundamental to our work. Now, as we reflect on 2022, we hope our report can be used as a chance to set new goals and think of new ways to engage with the many communities that build our campus.

We greatly appreciate Elaine Huang for making the accompanying data visualizations and graphs, Brett Zeligson for designing the web project, Katelyn Ryu and Noreen Hosny for designing the graphics, and Angel Kuo, who organized them. A tremendous thank you to Tanvi Nibhanupudi, Omar Farah, and Marie-Rose Sheinerman for their consistent support and guidance throughout the project. We would also like to thank Evelyn Doskoch, Alex Gjaja, Katherine Dailey, and Hope Perry for their meaningful written contributions and editing, as well as Naisha Sylvestre for cleaning the data. Lastly, a general thank you to every staffer who responded to our survey and left thoughtful feedback.

Auhjanae McGee and Melat Bekele,
DEIB Board co-directors of the 146th Managing Board

Note: This survey was conducted shortly after the fall recruitment cycle of the ‘Prince.’ Therefore, a majority of respondents were first-year staffers with limited experience at the ‘Prince,’ which may influence their opinions on ‘Prince’-specific issues.