Meet the DJs that ran

campus in the ’90s

Back in the ’90s, at the height of the hip-hop scene, one group was at the center of the nightlife scene — the FOPO DJs. Today, Daybreak takes a trip down memory lane and revisits the past with the DJs. Listen in.

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‘Irrespective of color’:

Princeton’s missed opportunity

to integrate in the 1830s

188 years before the University would admit African American students, a man named David Leavitt offered the University $1,000 to admit students “irrespective of Color” and grant them “like privileges.” Despite being on the brink of financial ruin, the institution passed on the donation.

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Princeton Slavery Project reaches

ten-year anniversary, presents

findings to New Jersey

Reparations Council

Last month, Isabela Morales GS ’19 presented on her work with the Princeton and Slavery Project during the New Jersey Reparations Council’s first public hearing. Over the course of its ten-year existence, the Princeton and Slavery Project has published a plethora of stories and primary sources that shed light on the University’s extensive relationship with slavery.

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‘The first student movement to

call for divestiture:’ protests

against apartheid South Africa

Looking back on three generations of student advocacy for complete divestment from apartheid South Africa.

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Revisiting Princeton’s ties

to Lincoln University, one

of the nation’s early HBCUs

At one point nicknamed the ‘Black Princeton,’ Lincoln University was the first American college to grant Black students degrees. The Daily Princetonian looked back at the historical ties connecting Princeton and Lincoln.

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In the face of white-dominated

tradition, Black student-athletes

foster community

Organizations like the Black Student-Athlete Collective are working to establish a community by providing a safe space for student-athletes to meet others in their shoes and voice their needs and concerns to coaches.

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Black community in historically

Black Witherspoon-Jackson

neighborhood shrinks

The data show that Princeton’s Black community is indeed shrinking, both in Witherspoon-Jackson and across the town, though Princeton’s Hispanic and Asian communities have grown markedly over the same period.

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‘Our community has become a

commodity’: How Princeton’s

historically Black community

is fading

A ‘Prince’ investigation found that after the 2010 revaluation, property taxes in the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood increased by over $1,700 on average, nearly a 25 percent increase from the previous year.

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Black alumni provide major

endowment to Black Student Union

to support campus affinity groups

The Black Student Union has received a first-of-its-kind endowment, sponsored by Black Princeton alumni. It is the first endowment designed to give direct support to campus affinity groups.

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PUGE: A new gospel choir with a long history

Princeton University Gospel Ensemble, also known as PUGE, reformed at the start of the 2023-24 academic school year. But, this recent iteration is just the newest chapter in a history of student-run gospel choirs that dates back to the early ’80s.

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